Joining Forces


Four suppliers in the onion processing industry have joined forces in the Onion Tech Alliance


An integrated approach for more efficiency and less costs 

You can't view processing and packing as a chain of individual components anymore. The various machines in the production chain are hardly communicating with each other, but because of increasing interdependence, an integrated approach is required.

By joining forces in the Onion Tech Alliance, a project is approached from a wider perspective, significantly increasing efficiency.


The automation challenge

Many companies are tied to conventional equipment and fragmented processes. OTA sees an increasing demand worldwide for complete solutions, and foresees a revolution in onion processing in the near future. Product handling, optical sorting, integrated line control and watertight traceability are increasingly important for good and constant quality.

Across the spectrum, onion processors are under high pressure. This pressure is caused by increasingly expensive labour, and fewer available (foreign) workers who are prepared to brave the dust, noise and long hours of the onion warehouses. The sector-wide switch to further automation is unavoidable, but complex and capital intensive. Investment decisions have an impact for decades.


 A joint approach

Together with the onion sector, OTA wants to develop the right procedures for the coming decades, choosing a joint and integrated approach. That approach manifests itself in integrated design based on individual specializations, further developing existing techniques and joint responsibility for the total performance, control and linking of IT systems, and joint delivery of service and project support.

Each of the participating parties brings its own specialization to the table: Eqraft (consulting, engineering and machinery for sorting, weighing and packing), Modesta (separation and dedusting technology) and Symach (palletizers).