A joint approach

for more efficiency and less costs

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A factory can’t be viewed as a chain of individual components anymore: an integrated approach is required and the machines have to communicate with each other.

By joining forces, the Onion Tech Alliance approaches projects from a wider perspective, significantly increasing efficiency.


Eqraft develops grading, weighing & packaging solutions for onions, potatoes & bulk globally. Their craftsmanship stretches from engineering and assembly to full-fledged automation.

For more information: eqraft.com


Modesta's solutions for dust extraction and a clean working environment are vital in keeping a factory running and reducing costs. Thanks to their filter installations, the machines of the other OTA members stay clean and perform better.

For more information: modestafilters.com


SYMACH’s machines are an integral part of the OTA agricultural factory of the future. After cleaning, topping, grading and packing the onions, the SYMACH systems come in for palletizing and load securing. Their custom-built palletizers offer great stacking quality.

For more information: symach.nl

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