Revolutionary MSP Onions factory will be finalised at the end of 2018


MSP Onions' new factory is a pilot project within the onion sector: a look towards the future of the onion trader. Eqraft and RoosRos Architects have merged their powers for the design of this revolutionary onion factory. Functionality of architecture and machinery strengthen each other. In the design process they looked closely at how architecture and the production process can go together. The project was worked out in BIM to realise full integration of building and equipment.


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The design for the office is characterised by reclining gavels, creating balconies and overhangs that function as passive shade. From the top floor you can look out over the Westerschelde. The factory is unique and has an exemplary function for the sector. Inside, besides a presentation room, there is a special route for visitors, which runs parallel to that of the staff and showcases the production process. The factory's roof, which is the size of a football field, is used for solar panels. The factory, the building and the machinery is expected to be completed as a whole at the end of 2018.


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