Hoza Eqrader Demo Week


The onion factory of the future must perform as reliably as possible with minimal physical labor. The Eqrader sorts onions at high speed by quality, size, weight, shape and color. The machine is specifically developed for and in cooperation with the onion industry and uses artificial intelligence to categorize onions.

The Eqrader cleans onions by advanced extraction units, keeping the machine clean from excessive dust and skins. It uses the dark chamber principle and near infra-red for internal inspection of the of the onion and rot-detection. The machine inspects externally from two different positions to determine color, skin condition and size. It weighs onions and deposits them in the assigned exits, soft cups provide gentle product handling. The Eqrader enables order fulfillment based on niches or volumes due to the known details of each inspected onion. Eqraft’s software, Eqontrol, enhances communication and control throughout the production line and enables a "smart onion factory”.


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