Toten Løkpakkeri buys optical onion sorter, processing line


Five suppliers in the onion processing sector recently joined forces (Deprez Handling Solutions, ERC Machinery, Qreenno, Longobardi en Modesta), and it appears to have been a very good move. A few specialists from the Onion Tech Alliance (OTA) were already in talks with the Norwegian Toten Løkpakkeri company in Skreia, Norway, but the formed alliance gave this family reason enough to proceed with the purchase of the complete optical sorting and processing line for onions.


Toten Løkpakkeri is the largest onion supplier to the Coop Norway retail organization. This retailer has recently taken over the activities of ICA Norway and now has a market share of approximately 35%. Because competitive onions processors in Norway have already previously purchased Longobardi optical machines for internal and external quality grading, the bar for Toten Løkpakkeri was high. In addition, the available space and wish to reuse some of the existing equipment caused significant challenges.

The project was approached from a broader perspective, due to the combined forces of the Onion Tech Alliance, and things started to fall together easier and this created a much more efficient solution. OTA is convinced that there will be significant development in the onion processing industry in the coming period.


“OTA foresees a revolution in the onion processing sector in the future”

- Founders Onion Tech Alliance


By encouraging innovation and facilitating these processors, they will have the opportunity to distinguish themselves. Many companies are stuck with conventional equipment and complicated processes. OTA sees a worldwide increase in demand for total solutions and foresees a revolution in the onion processing sector in the future. Product handling, optical sorting, integrated line control and complete traceability are becoming increasingly important for good and constant quality.

"OTA wants to work together with the onion sector to develop the right processes for the coming decades, choosing to work with a concerted and integrated approach. This approach is reflected in the integrated design based on individual specialties, the development of existing technologies and taking joint responsibility for the overall performance, control and integration of IT systems and the joint delivery of service and project support. "

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