OTA to continue independently with optical onion sorting machine


After the takeover of the electronic sorting technology specialist Longobardi by Unitec, the suppliers of camera technology and software have decided not to go into business with their take over partner. Onion Tech Alliance (OTA) with the Dutch machine manufacturer and advice and engineer bureau Qreenno from Goes, is now working hard on an improved version of the optical onion sorting machine.


"The machine has been waiting for an update for too long. We are now picking up the complete machine part and hope to introduce a new version before the end of the year," says Wim de Rijder. "The camera and infrared technology of the machine were already good and ERC is now building a frame. We also have a Dutch party that is specialised in Vision technology, involved in the development, so that we can raise the technology to a higher level."

"We notice that a lot of onion processing parties are positive towards this trusted Dutch consortium and various parties have already indicated they will step in. The run up hasn't been ideal, but in the end these changes will only give optical sorting an impulse. As OTA we are convinced that the onion processing industry will go through substantial development. By stimulating and facilitating this innovation processors are offered the opportunity to define themselves."


“We will introduce version 2.0 before the end of 2016”

Wim de Rijder - Onion Tech Alliance


OTA wants to develop the right processes for the next decade with the onion sector and is choosing a collective and integral approach. This approach is expressed in the integrated design based on individual specialties, further development of existing technology and the collective responsibility for the total performance, control and linking IT systems and collectively supplying service and project support.


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