OTA and Tomra demonstrate onion sorter for pre-cleaning


On Monday July 11 Onion Tech Alliance (OTA) held a demonstration together with Tomra Sorting Solutions after a month of testing with Tomra's robust and high capacity pre-sorter. The demonstration took place at Jonika in Oostdijk. In an ongoing programme those interested were able to see the machine work and ask questions. OTA and Tomra's people were there to speak to the visitors.

During the demonstration visitors were able to discuss the machine and it's possibilities in a relaxed atmosphere. On behalf of Tomra Alain de Puydt and Jan van de Wolfhaar explained how the machine works and its developments. Onion processors were also able to share their experiences. For OTA the afternoon was a good opportunity to discuss the technology. In this way an extra piece of information and service in the area of onions could be provided.


"We see this sorting machine as a pre sorter in the entire onion sorting processing," says Wim de Rijder, as it is important to remove the stone, clumps and foreign materials (such as: glass, plastic, metal, foliage, rubber etc) from the sorting process at an early stage, this prevent damage to the onions, but also to the entire installation.

Alain de Puydt talks about the sorter: "The Tomra machine is mainly suited for pre sorting. With a high capacity of 70 tonnes per hour depending on the chose width, in which stones, clumps and foreign materials are removed from the flow. However, the machine defines itself in the market by being able to sort out non organic materials such as glass, plastic, metal, rubber, etc. The integrated Modesta system is essential to this.


“However, the machine defines itself in the market by being able to sort out non organic materials”

Alain de Puydt - Tomra


During the demonstration onion processors asked whether it would be possible to sort a box of clumps and (drielingen?), after a number of boxed had been retrieved they went through the machine and a particularly positive result was achieved. Another question from the onion sector was whether we can take rotten onions out, tests show positive results for this too, but we want to look at what guarantees we can provide first so that we don't arouse false expectations.

The integration of this onion pre-sorting machine will be taken care of globally by members of Onion Tech Alliance in close collaboration with Tomra sorting solutions.

"We are very satisfied with the attendance," says Wim de Rijder. "This is a good time for us to talk to the sector. As OTA we always want to be on top of the questions and needs in the market. Testing and following these machines certainly contribute to this."

Source: freshplaza.com

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