Eqraft building factory of the future


Last month, ERC, Qreeno and Propak announced they would merge with Eqraft. During the Interpom | Primeurs fair in Kortrijk, Belgium, the new company presented the new black and yellow corporate identity to the wider public for the first time.

A bold move, after both weighing and packing machines have been supplied globally in the well-known purple colours? “We get a lot of questions,” sales engineer Niek den Boer confirms. “But customers understand that this rebranding suits the switch we are making as integral advisor and supplier.


Besides the presence in the onion sector, Eqraft will also focus increasingly often on the complete agrarian package from now on. “We now get about 10 to 15 per cent of our sales from potatoes, but we see great opportunities to further develop the Baxmatic weigher for the potatosector,” says Wim de Rijder. “Optical sorting has been taking place in the potato sector for years already, but not for internal quality. We expect we can take great steps in that regard, for once we can truly sort on internal quality, Class One will become a completely different class!”


“Optical sorting has been taking place in the potato sector for years already, but not for internal quality.”- Founders Onion Tech Alliance

Wim de Rijder - Eqraft


“We have all the ingredients from advice, design and assembly to complete mechanisation and automation in order to build the factory of the future. We will shift from realising a packing line to a complete production line. With that, we offer customers a completely different picture. We no longer take our machine park to the customer, but we enter into conversations about how to set up the production process. This will lead increasingly often to customers supervising the factory from their smartphone or tablet,” Marco Maljaars concludes.

Source: freshplaza.com / Author: Lauren van Son

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