Eqontrol - Order driven production through complete factory automation


Factories often utilize labor-intensive processes, where any fluctuation in the processes can lead to decreased output. In light of increasing undercapacity and process alignment, it is therefore imperative to minimize the human impact on the production process.

A solution to this two-fold problem is to implement complete factory automation and integrated machine-to-machine communication. Eqontrol is the software layer from Eqraft that allows all machines in the production line to communicate in an intelligent manner. The automated instruction process can control several machines and processes at the same time, while minimizing interference with other production streams.


“Eqontrol enables the operator to keep an eye on the process and easily check errors”

Lindert Moerdijk - MSP Onions


Due to the machines being interlinked, it is very easy to change to another configuration on a production line. Using Eqontrol aligns the possibilities of the salesperson, the capacity of the individual machines and the operator on the production floor. This enables the salesperson to sell promises that can be delivered by the production line.

With Eqontrol, the desired outcome can be selected on a device and the machines will automatically respond. This ease of configuration enables quick production adaptation according to demand. Custom work and small quantities are much easier and cheaper to realize. Because of the modular factory setup, the various components are highly flexible.

Eqontrol is designed to be highly intuitive. It can be used on desktops, tablets and smartphones, enabling the operator to keep an eye on the process and easily check errors. Integrated machine alarms and graphical presentation of the process give the operators an overview of the problem and make their work easier.

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